The Journey Through The Mountain – Part 1

I remember the times before, long before humans went insane.

We lived in glorious Palaces of stone and nature, we lived in harmony with life, with all life. There was no fear and we had everything we needed. I can connect to this place still through my dreams. I long to return to this golden paradise.

I remember the early days of the war, the zombies could often be found all over the world. Now they were always everywhere, but back then, there were still places of refuge, places they could not go.

The journey began by train. This part of the journey was quite dangerous. One had to mix with the zombie race and remain undetected.

We boarded the packed train somewhere near India, I'm being deliberately imprecise for reasons which may become apparent later. There were so many desperate lost souls. The madness had already completely swept over the entire planet, and we did not know how or why we had been spared. Only a few places of shelter were left, and the only way to reach this place was by train.

I remember feeling so anxious, being surrounded by zombies terrified me, but I had to remain calm so as to stay undetected.

The train set off quickly, it was going to be a long journey so I put myself into a state of trance.

The next thing I recall, we were heading into a mountain tunnel. Now most of the zombies had left the train. I could feel my heart racing with anticipation. This was the most stressful and dangerous part of the journey.

The entrance to the secret tunnels.

I cannot write about this because the true way must forever remain secret.

After some time, we got off the train and began walking along the abandoned tracks. The tunnels went on and on for miles in many directions. Without a guide I would have been completely lost.

I began to feel calmer, warm and safe. A blissful feeling of tranquillity came to me and I could see now with a new luminosity. The tunnel ahead seemed to have a light of its own.

The tunnel came to an abrupt end and I found myself standing before a vast underground Palace. Giant stalactites hung from the ceiling, trees and vegetation grew everywhere, the air felt pure and fresh and everything seemed to glow of its own volition.

Here to greet us was a true being of light. My guide informed me that this being was one of the ancient ones, the ones who remained behind to keep the Palaces safe and hidden. I later found out that the real secret was the water we now stood before. The ancient one beckoned us toward the stream.

Running through the centre of the cavern Palace was this most beautiful and hypnotising flow of shimmering water. Slowly we approached the bank and began our decent. On the surface this stream appeared to be calm and shallow, but as I looked more closely I could see deep into its crystal water. This stream seemed to go down forever.

I recall now, rather than feeling any concern, I followed my guide into the water, as though this was second nature. I took one last look up at the immense Palace cavern above me. It was only now that I noticed the window, carved through the wall of the cave in the shape of a triangle. Through it I could see blue sky, white clouds, and the jagged peaks of a mountain range. I had no clue where in the world I was, nor where in the world I was going. For it no longer felt that we were in the world. We had entered Shambhala.

Slowly we descended into the clear water. My lamp transformed itself by some unknown magic into a weight, and we sunk like stones into the abyss.

This is when I awoke from the dream with such a clear conviction that this place I'd just visited in my mind was no illusion. It was a memory.

A memory of some past life or some other dimension. I could feel with all my heart I had been to this Palace, I knew this place, and not only once. I knew it before, long before the zombie ever walked the earth.

Now I was puzzled. What had happened to us ? What had drove people into this madness ? This zombie madness that we all take for normality these days.

I tried to recall the time of transition. The events leading up to the apocalypse. But I could not see it clearly.

Yet I know this much. That the present state of humanity is not natural, that we once lived a peaceful and harmonious life, with all of our needs taken care of.

Now we have descended into war and madness, cruelty, fear and greed drive the hearts of man, were once rested love and compassion. Now those words are a shallow mockery of their true meaning, and there live even fewer people to remember this.

What is to become of mankind, the kind Kings and Queens that once walked the gentle earth ?

Slowly descended into this hell, where kindness is looked upon with eyes of surprise and cynicism, where a distrust runs so deep, every man locks his heart away.

So rare is it to even feel the true touch of love. We now only know the grasping hands of desperation, blindly pulling, in some helpless attempt to climb out from this hopeless pit of loneliness.

I must find a way to return !

under water

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